Registration Requirements

1 All participants must register online.
Please click the "Register Now" button.

2 A PHOTO COPY of the child's birth certificate for all participants that did NOT play in 2015 - Abstract Certificates are not valid. This year you can upload your Birth Certificate during the registration process.

3 All Registration fees paid.

 4 2016 SAC Participant waiver Release (see downloads section)

5 Medical clearance form (see downloads section) signed by a doctor and dated on or after April 15, 2016 will be needed to start official practice. Football players and cheerleaders will not be allowed to come on the practice field after July 25th until clearance is received. PJH will host a Medical Clinic Fundraiser for participants to receive their clearance - see below for more info.  


If your child participated and was certified at Jamboree last season, you do not need to turn in a birth certificate.  If your child did not participate last year then you must turn in or upload a PHOTO COPY of his/her original birth certificate.  We do not accept abstract birth certificates.  Only a PHOTO COPY of the original birth certificate will be accepted. DO NOT TURN IN THE ORIGINAL


Medical Clearance
All participants must have signed medical authorization form (available under downloads) from a Doctor to participate in Football or Cheer leading.  PJH will be hosting a Medical Clinic Fundraiser with licensed physicians and nurses to perform physicals for football and cheer participants on July 21st at the Canyon View Community Center 471 Maidu Dr in Auburn from 6-8 pm for a small fee of $10.00. You may participate in our Medical Clinic or see your own personal physician to obtain medical clearance.  Acceptable forms of Medical Authorization are any of the following:

1 Completion of the Medical Clearance Examination form. (refer to downloads section)
2 A signed/stamped note from your doctor on his/her prescription pad or office stationary.
3 A copy of a completed physical form supplied by your doctor.  Dated April 15th or later.
4 A copy of the completed physical form from the PJH medical clinic THURSDAY, JULY 21st, 6-8PM

Registration Costs

Football- $250.00 plus a $50.00 refundable deposit for a total of $300.00

Cheer- $200.00 plus a $50.00 refundable deposit for a total of $250.00

Mighty Mite Football/Cheer- $125.00 plus a $50.00 refundable deposit for a total of $175.00

Full financial break down and volunteer requirements CLICK HERE

Multi Player/Participant Family Discount

The first player/participant in our program is full price. There is a $20.00 discount for each additional participant within the same family after one registration is paid in full. This discount does not apply if you have a mighty mite.


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