Quickstrike Video

League Filming: QuickStrike Video specializes in filming for entire leagues, not just single teams. We send our filmers out to every game played in your league. When the games are over, your film is processed and burned onto DVDs. We can usually get your DVDs in your hands in less than a day! Imagine getting every game played across your entire league, delivered to you within a one day!

Tournament Filming:
QuickStrike Video specializes in rapid DVD turnaround during tournaments. We film the tournament and have DVDs ready about an hour after each game ends. If you don’t need them that fast, we’ll deliver you a tournament set of DVDs at the end of your tournament!

Individual Player Filming: Sometimes Mom and Dad don’t want to film, they want to enjoy the game. We’ll send one of our filmers out to your game to film a specific player. Your DVD is typically ready that same day or we can mail it off to you.

Recruiting Film: Do you want to play your sport in College? We’ll send our filmers out to your games to film you. Then we’ll sit down and help you develop a recruiting DVD all at a very low cost.

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